About TruckingJobNow.com


We are a website that is comprised of experts at researching and even those that have professionally driven for a trucking company. We saw a gap in the industry where many websites might be lacking information for drivers across the entire professional spectrum. Our goal was to fill that gap and provide information and data for all drivers.

TruckingJobNow.com set out to create a website that aims to help the following types of people:

  • Those that are starting a career in trucking and earning their CDL. We provide explanations to the common FAQs that many have starting out in this industry.
  • Current CDL drivers that are considering a move to a different company and need to know what companies are in their state. We've compiled a list of companies based on where they are registered with the DOT. We also tried to provide details like the number of estimated drivers, DOT numbers, etc.
  • Trucking companies that are trying to display correct company information. If you find our information is incorrect, contact us and we will try to get all of your information correct ASAP!

We know that there is a lot of research needed for drivers at any aspect of their career. Our aim is to help those that are at any stage of their career.


We want to try and provide resources to every kind of truck driver out there. Whether you're a seasoned driver looking for tips on how to transition jobs or find other companies you can potentially apply to, we have that. We also provide tips and insights for new drivers that have questions about the CDL process.


  • Provide a detailed list of trucking companies in each state
  • Try to answer common questions experienced truckers have
  • Help give information for those considering a career in trucking