How Much Does CDL Driving School Cost?

Most CDL driving schools cost between $3,000 and $7,000, but with a new career, the driver can make that back in a month or two. Unfortunately, the cost of the schooling is a major blocker for a lot of those wishing to obtain their CDL.

However, due to the CDL driver shortage, there are some companies that are willing to sponsor the cost of the CDL school. Most of the time, they require the driver enter into a contract with them, so after they are done with the schooling paid by the company, they must drive for the company for a certain amount of time.

Some companies will also pay the upfront cost of the class, require you to enter into a contract with them, and then split up and deduct the cost of your schooling from your paychecks with them. Or they may require you pay upfront, but they will refund you after a certain amount of time specified in a contract with the driver. Those companies include:

  • FFE Transportation (Free with contract)
  • Knight Transportation (Free with contract)
  • Prime Transportation (Free with contract)
  • Pam Transport (Free with contract)
  • Roehl Transport (Free with contract)
  • CRST (Payroll deduction with contract)
  • Stevens Transport (Reimburse with contract)
  • USA Truck (Payroll deduction with contract)
  • SWIFT Transportation (Reimburse with contract)
  • C.R. England Trucking (Partially reimbursed with contract)