DAC Report Dispute Guide – May 2022

How Do I Challenge an Error on My DAC Report?

New CDL drivers that have been in the industry less than a couple of years might be wondering if its even possible to challenge a negative comment on a DAC report. Of course, you can! You are allowed one free copy of your report through HireRight once per year. Request a copy of that to see what previous employers have said.

After you go through your report and see if there’s any information in there that needs to be changed, go to the HireRight website and file a dispute. On average it takes the company about a month to investigate, so make a note on the day you file your dispute. Sometimes it can take longer depending on the type of claim. You can go through their automated process online or you can call their customer service directly at HireRight to get assistance through the challenge process.

If you have information that is obviously fabricated and damaging to your career, then you may want to talk to a lawyer to determine if he/she needs to get involved. This is a huge step so verify the incorrect information is truly damaging to your career because only a few DAC claims actually require legal assistance. Don’t go overboard if you don’t need to.

Changing information on a DAC report can be a long and often irritating process. Be ready to fill out a lot of forms and verifications. No need to give up looking for a job in the trucking industry in the meantime. Work toward having your report fixed, explain the situation to any potential employers, have recommendations on hand from former managers and instructors.

How Do I Get a Copy of My DAC Report?

As stated earlier, every driver is entitled to one free report once per year. This right is given to you by the Fair Credit Reporting Act which is how HireRight is required to provide that documentation yearly. You can go on their website and they have a step by step set of instructions to get a copy of your report.

One challenge you may run into which is an unfortunate reality of the trucking industry is changing companies more than once in a year. It is important to see any negative notations made as early as possible to have the best chance of getting it removed during the HireRight request process. You can request more than once a year but will likely have a nominal fee associated with getting that report. It can be a small price to pay though in order to address any falsified or misinformation noted by a previous employer that could hurt future employment opportunities.

It will typically take around two weeks to get a physical copy of your DAC report in the mail after you request it from HireRight. You will also be given a list of all HireRight clients or carriers that have received your DAC report in the past two years.

How Long Will Bad Information Stay on My DAC Report?

General information about your work history (good or bad) will typically go back a decade from the current date. You will typically see your work history change around work record details and accidents from years 7-10. Those will become a list of the companies and the dates that you were employed by them (not things like notes on eligibility for rehire).

If you have any arrest records that did not result in a conviction, those will be reported on for 7 years. If you were convicted of that arrest, it is very likely that it will be on your DAC report forever.

It should be noted that different states will have different regulations around the length of time notes stay on a DAC report. There are some states that will keep simple driving violations on a DAC report indefinitely while others will have them removed after 5 years. Research the state that you achieved your CDL in to find out specific details on time lengths for company notations.

Tips To Keep a DAC Report Clean

1. Keep all documentation related to your DAC report and employment history. This includes any letters or communication you have with your current, future, or previous employers. All of this can be documentation and evidence to prove that there is an error or that a company reported something false on your DAC report. Keep copies of any emails, letters of resignation, or any employment documentation that is given to you.

2. Avoid abandoning a load. You might find yourself in a difficult or challenging position and hear a tiny voice telling you to just abandon the load of that company and make it somebody else’s problem. DO NOT DO THAT. This is almost a guaranteed mark that the company will file on your DAC report and can be a huge red flag for future hiring companies. Also, if the company you work for has a bad reputation about making abandonment claims on a DAC, be weary with drop location changes. If the company changes the original location for a load drop, get it in writing on the location change.

3. Drive safe and smart. You need to realize that the DAC report will keep any and all moving violations, fender benders, and other tickets on file for the past 10 years of your driving history. You need to get in the mindset from the start of your CDL career that driving carefully and safely will be the easiest ways to keep a DAC report clean.
You get a free copy of your DAC report once a year – take advantage. This is especially important if you recently changed jobs and need to verify that the previous employer didn’t make any misleading or false claims on your DAC report.

4. When you leave a company, provide two weeks advance notice along with a letter of resignation. Emotions can get the best of all of us and truckers are no exceptions. You might be getting unwanted routes that were sold differently to you during the application process. Maybe you aren’t getting the hours that were promised or the home time you were told. It is important to provide the two weeks resignation letter and do it in a professional manner so you can dispute any negative notes that company might try to place on your DAC.

5. Temper your emotions and always be professional. It can be a very tough piece of advice to remember when you are with a company that is disrespectful to you or your time. It is an unfortunate part of CDL driving that some of these bad actors can give you headaches via your DAC report. Always remember to stay calm and avoid any impulsive actions that they could interpret as bad notes on your report.

6. Explain any incorrect notations on a DAC report that you know of on the hiring company’s application. Drivers can get into a mindset that a certain note by a previous employer needs to be removed or corrected before they can get work elsewhere. You will likely find that if you explain that note on the application of the new hiring company, they will look past that note while you contest it through HireRight. Don’t think that you have to wait the 30 days to see if HireRight agrees with your dispute and removes it from your record before applying elsewhere.

7. Don’t apply to a company you are unsure of. Once you have applied to a company and they have accepted you into the driver orientation program, they are now able to make comments on your DAC report. If you decide that halfway through orientation that this wasn’t the job you thought it was, bailing on that orientation process could be noted on your DAC report. Just be aware of that before you apply.