Driving Across Texas-Mexico Border? Prepare for Delays

  • Driving Across Texas-Mexico Border? Prepare for Delays

    The Texas governor, Greg Abbott, recently announced that he will be enacting some new plans that will definitely affect truck driver’s that run routes across the border. The goal of these regulations is to decrease illegal immigration across the Texas-Mexico border but will likely increase lines and inspection times for CDL drivers in the area.

    During his press conferencewhere he introduced his new plan to curb illegal immigration, he also acknowledged that these plans could “dramatically slow” traffic at the border. The industry has had major concerns around the supply chain and looked at ways to combat the disruptions we’ve seen the past 2 years.

    Critics of the new regulations and recommendations around commercial vehicle inspections at the border are claiming that this will only hurt the Texas economy. The Texas International Produce Association has already released a statement requesting that the new inspections be dropped to avoid produce delivery throughout Texas.

    It is difficult to pinpoint how much of a delay this may or may not cause but there have been several tweets from drivers saying that it’s taking 3-4 days to cross into the US through the city of Pharr, Texas. Laredo was having rumored reports of 5 hour delays for truckers coming through the Laredo-Columbia bridge.

    Truckers that make regular border runs are starting to express concerns and frustration around these delays which might cause modification to come from Governor Abbott’s office in the coming weeks.

    The challenge around trying to secure the border while also keeping things fluid for the commercial vehicles making regular runs will continue to be challenge. We will try to update with any changes to the rules or recommendations coming from the Governor’s office.

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