6 Mistakes That Make a Driver Recruiter Terrible

  • 6 Mistakes That Make a Driver Recruiter Terrible

    If you have been in the trucking industry for longer than a hot minute and submitted an application, you have probably encountered a recruiter. If you’ve been in the industry for more than a year or two, you likely have some interesting recruiter stories that are shared with others.

    We wanted to highlight some of the ways we have heard from our CDL drivers that made their experience with a recruiter a challenging one. As a driver, you have become the rare commodity and trucking companies are starting to realize the importance of having a good recruiter to handle each driver during their onboarding process.

    Recruiter Mistake #1: Lack of Honesty from The Start

    “We have a bonus-based program that you will love!” You then find out that you aren’t eligible until after you’ve been at the company for two years or driven a large number of miles for them.

    “We have this perk, that perk, and more perks for our drivers!” The recruiter sells these perks as unique to the company themselves, however, you quickly realize that almost all companies offer the same benefits.

    It can be a challenge to encounter a recruiter that gives you the honest truth from the start of your interaction. Speaking with drivers that do encounter truthful recruiters has given them a more positive outlook of the company and some have even gone with a slightly lower paying job because of the upfront honesty about the job.

    Recruiter Mistake #2: They Struggle When Pushed Outside of Their Sales Pitch

    As a driver, you can understand and appreciate when a company gives their recruiter a pitch or talking points to use when speaking with a potential driver. It is in fact a business at the end of the day.

    But when you begin to ask them questions outside of those talking points, you might see them struggle with answers. If that is the case, you might be weary of the promises they are making if they don’t have a broad knowledge around pay, benefits, scheduling, etc.

    Recruiter Mistake #3: Avoiding Answers to Direct Questions

    How much do you pay per mile and how many miles can I expect to drive each week? That seems like a pretty easy question with a simple answer but you might find that many recruiters start to give vague answers or say that they will get back to you.

    If you find that your questions that should require a very simple and short answer back instead receive confusing responses: it might be time to move onto another trucking company.

    Recruiter Mistake #4: Bait and Switch

    This is a shady tactic that isn’t limited to just the trucking industry but feels gross when it happens to you. We have heard recruiters promise to drivers that they can skip orientation because of their history but when it is time to start the driver finds out they still have to do orientation.

    If the recruiter makes vague promises about you being able to make it home on the weekends but after a month haven’t delivered: you might have encountered a dishonest recruiter.

    Recruiter Mistake #5: Promise One Location But You Are Expected to Work From Another

    This is a tricky one that we haven’t found to be as common as the others (mostly because it is so terrible). Many of the trucking companies will have multiple locations that their company operates out of.

    Be wary if the recruiter uses some tricky language like, “we will get you home every week to one of our operational locations”. They could have knowledge that the location you want to get back to every week is actually one that isn’t operational. If you notice multiple locations in the contract that you send over, get clarification on this in writing.

    Recruiter Mistake #6: They Refuse to Acknowledge the Bad

    If you are speaking with a recruiter specifically about some of the runs you can expect to make and realize they have only told you easy ones: be aware.

    This is a common tactic with dishonest recruiters where they only tell you the easy routes that their company offers but none of the difficult ones. It could even be that they know only the seasoned veteran drivers of the company will get those routes and as a new driver you will be stuck with the worst.

    As a website dedicated to providing drivers with the most information possible about the trucking industry, it can be easy for us to look past some of the bad in our industry.

    We wanted to share some of these common mistakes that drivers have encountered to help drivers during the hiring process and hopefully guide trucking companies to make better decisions with their recruiters.

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