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We have sourced a list of different trucking companies across the United States. If you are trying to find trucking companies near you that might be hiring CDL drivers, you can review our list of those companies. It should be noted that these are all trucking related companies and might not hiring. Our data was sourced and modified from the DOT database. 

Click on the corresponding state to discover details around the trucking companies in that state, state-specific salary information, and details about the industry.

Should I Go To A Local Or Nationwide Trucking Company?

Our state pages listed above will show you all the trucking companies based in whichever state you select. However, there are some companies that might not have a physical location but operate in that particular state.

Local companies will greatly differ in the types of trucks they have, the size of the company, and different benefits. You will have to really do some research around what those local companies offer. We did want to breakdown a few of the nationwide trucking companies to help you compare.

Who Are Some of the Biggest Trucking Companies?

Whatever your reasons, a move to one of the largest corporates in the industry is bound to get you some peace of mind.

There are many companies to choose from, and rest assured, they’ve seen it all. You’d be surprised at the flexibility afforded the right candidate. Not only are the larger companies far more reliable (they have a reputation to protect), given their years of experience, you will also learn in the process, from their expertise in terms of handling, storage, and secure transportation.

We are going to pull some names off of the highway, and there is a good chance that you know them from before, or have at least heard about them. Be prepared to be blown over at the sheer scale of operations.

1. Swift Transportation

For the less than truckload carriers, you will have names like FedEx Freight and Old Dominion, but for everything a truckload and beyond, there is Swift Transportation.

Swift is by and large the biggest carrier out there with 2018 revenues in excess of $3 billion. You can have some of it and get to own your share of the company given their admirable owner-operator model. Get those economies of scale working for you!

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Swift has over 18,000 rigs, arranged neatly in a democratically structured company. Over 40 of their terminals can be located near major population centers (one would be near you) and they are known for their "one-stop shopping" offerings when it comes to truckload logistics.

2. Schneider International

At $2.6 billion in 2018, Schneider’s revenue has been growing significantly and really competing with Swift. This competition is the best-case scenario for you as a driver, with companies going overboard to attract the best hands.

Both regional and long-haul routes are handled in nearly every flavor, including intermodal and cross-dock. Also, they have been around for over 80 years and have well-established protocols and policies.

3. JB Hunt Transport Services

JB Hunt has a massive presence, but revenues are nearly half of what’s seen over at Swift. But what goes in their favor (and yours) is they are a publicly held and traded company, for a number of decades now.

That will always keep them cleaning their house from time to time and federal laws like Sarbanes-Oxley would prevent any surprise financial situations from unfolding – your job shall be relatively safe.

They also use the independent contractor denotation, in addition to company drivers, and that’s where you’re likely to start. They are known for tie-ups with major rail carriers and merit consideration if you're looking into intermodal opportunities.

4. Landstar System

Landstar has an international presence, and the heft to match JB Hunt. They are more associated with light asset carriage and given their international operations, their chain is highly integrated across various modalities. Financially, both of these companies stand at the billion and a half mark.

5. Werner Enterprises

Also around for over 60 years, and again highly characterized by international operations, Werner makes the list in the top five truckload carriers in the US.

Rest assured that all kinds of profiles can be accommodated, though you may have to demonstrate ability before being allotted your dream load on your dream route.

They have a strong presence in South America, Africa, and Asia. International operations are important to know about because then the company is that much more stable financially and can take minor setbacks in its stride.

6. Prime

Prime stands out for the ability to lease vehicles outright and often comes up when we’re talking about refrigerated transportation.

They have been around for over 40 years, though their fleet has been recently refurbished. It’s no surprise when drivers opt for a company with newer, well-maintained trucks.

7. CRST International

This company stands out for its community engagement, in particular, their efforts in women's leadership excellence and their veterans’ program.

Do you happen to be either? Check out the vibe out of their pictures online – with women in senior and leadership positions. This company has been around for over 60 years and has a fleet of over 4500 trucks.

8. US Express

Rather large for its relatively young age, this company is very well known for its employee-centric position and operations.

US express comes off as a highly vibrant enterprise, full of offerings for every need, with customers at the center of each of their programs. They are often associated with modern equipment and systems tracking everything.


This name has always stood out, perhaps for the fact that they bill themselves as the largest flatbed and specialized logistics provider in all of North America.

With over a million-plus feet of storage in industrial warehousing and approximately 19,000 units, operations are easy to scale with this company. You could probably contract out a piece of their operations once you put in the time.

10. Crete

Crete has 18 facilities across the US and over 13,000 units. You may also know them by their other divisions: Shaffer Trucking or Hunt Transportation Etc.

The revenue numbers are not that off of some of the mid-ranked companies above. An excellent alternative if your location works out.

Looking for Locally Owned Trucking Companies?

Of course, working for a locally owned trucking company comes with its own perks and advantages.

It would be a mistake to automatically assume that all local companies come with a glass ceiling – well, you could help lift that ceiling a notch or two. That wasn’t just for the crane operators among you; local companies are real alternatives.

Instead, there are some very distinct advantages to working locally that will allow you to incorporate perhaps a limited degree of freedom in your life and still make trucking your lifestyle.

Over and above all of the other factors, you bring predictability and control in your work routine.

You will likely, at most, have a few hundred miles of the route that you will repeatedly take and in the process, you will be well versed with what it can offer. Read good repair shops and personal rapport that comes with them, suitable rest stops, and of course places to eat!

Insurance is another aspect if you work as an independent contractor. You are likely to realize savings as a result of your limited range and you would be able to opt for local providers that have a better understanding of the local ecosystem.

A support structure in terms of your family and friends, including business associates, can also help tide over some of the difficult aspects associated with long-distance trucking or OTR routes.

Nothing is all good or all bad. You would also experience increased levels of confidence as you take your rig through familiar passes and stretches.

Therefore, you may open a world of offerings if you decide to go with a local company, so long as you can work out a payment and workload equation. Smaller companies are often exempt from some of the tighter regulations, including important ones outside of the immediate industry. Indeed, this is where most of the stories originate.

To Start off

Our state pages can be an excellent starting point, with data sourced out of the Department of Transportation.

Zone in to your location and you get to see what to expect in terms of salary numbers, and a fair bit of detail. See what others are making in your area and get started today!