3rd Party CDL Testers Rule Withdrawn by the FMCSA

  • 3rd Party CDL Testers Rule Withdrawn by the FMCSA

    Back on July 9th, 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had proposed a drastic new rule around CDL test taking for new drivers.

    The idea behind the new rule would be to allow each state to give third party test examiners the ability to administer the CDL skills test. It would also allow the ability for those taking the test to do it outside of their state they operate in.

    The original idea behind the legislation was to help provide more options to get commercial license testing and make the career more accessible. It was presented that the current prevention allowing 3rd parties to do this was causing major inconveniences and additional costs for the driver and companies that might be sponsoring their education.

    After the bill was introduced, the FMCSA listened to feedback around the potential change to see what challenges the prohibition being lifted could cause. The main concern that many had with the current 3rd party rules being lifted centered around test fraud.

    The idea was that if somebody was charged with the training for the potential new CDL driver had the ability to also approve their skills test, a major bias could be created. There would be concern that the trainer could almost be encouraged to pass the trainee as they were the ones that had trained them.

    The FMCSA took all the feedback from both sponsors and critics of the bill and decided to withdraw the rule change on March 9th, 2022.

    The withdraw came from the idea of challenges around testing fraud and what that might affect with trucking safety. The idea being that if 3rd party trainers didn’t uphold the integrity of the test for their trainee, roads would become more dangerous with less-skilled drivers.

    A lot of individual states also gave feedback concerning the verification of such tests by each state. They cited an inability for each state to verify their requirements if the driver passed a skills test outside of their state lines.

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