Avoid Common Spring Time Trucking Issues

  • Avoid Common Spring Time Trucking Issues

    There can be a feeling as Winter begins to close out that a lot of the common hazards a driver can face lessen. Snow, sleet, and wintry mix start to go away and drivers begin to lessen their alertness to the dangers of the road. Spring can bring its own unique set of challenges though and we want to make sure we point those out and provide some tips on how to avoid those hazards as we approach Spring 2018.

    1. Potential For Increased Amounts of Potholes

    As the cold winter months begin to warm back up, truckers will often see the quality of roads deteriorate as concrete has expanded and contracted. You will want to keep a close eye out for potholes so you can avoid damage to your truck and potentially you (if a blowout or something were to occur). It is also important to realize that construction may increase during the Spring and cause additional traffic and drive times. Plan for all of these.

    2. Stay Alert But Don’t Be On Edge

    When you are driving, it is always important to stay alert of your surroundings and road conditions. It is also important to not push yourself into a constant state of jumpiness as this can lead to bad decisions being made when confronted with threatening situations. Keep consistent speeds and monitor your breathing. If you feel that edge coming on, you can start practicing deep breathing techniques to avoid that jumpiness.

    3. Direct Sunlight Affecting Your Vision

    As we all enjoy that wonderful sunlight we’ve been missing during the winter months, it can make driving a truck more difficult. Try to always protect your eyes and keep your field of vision open as Spring months will bring more direct sunlight into your field of vision.

    4. Avoid The “Rush”

    We’ve all heard the stories of somebody running a few minutes behind their schedule and rushing to get their delivery on time. That rush can sometimes put you into a precarious situation and potentially get you into an accident. Avoid that rush and realize that while being a little late could be bad. Getting into an accident and having your DAC reflect that cannot be undone.

    Enjoy those warmer Spring months and try to stay safe with these tips!

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